why coaching?

Not only is the world of marketing huge, it’s also pretty confusing considering just how many ways that you can market your business.  How do you know which option is right for your business - am I spending money on the right type of advertising? Why can’t people find my business? Do I need a plan?

So many businesses are focused on the day-to-day running of their business, marketing tends to fall in the ‘don’t have enough time’, ‘feeling a bit overwhelmed so will just leave it’ or ‘how much?!’ baskets.

We will guide you through the basic marketing principles and work with you to develop strategies/plans that are most relevant to your business.  Don’t let your business get stuck in a marketing rut, we will give you the tools to maximise your marketing and get your business on the right track.

Our coaching is ideal for new or existing small business owner/operators, or to upskill any staff who are responsible for your marketing. Available either in person or online.

we are a service provider of the Regional Business Partner Network

Small businesses may qualify for funding to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners and key managers.


Management Capability Development funding is only available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors. Funding may be provided to a business where the Growth Advisors have identified a need for management training as part of an action plan to support the business owner to grow and innovate their business.


For more information on the Management Capability Development Fund or to find your local Growth Advisor go to

some of the topics we cover


MailChimp. Learn how to use this great free tool and to set up templates, automated emails and audiences.

Communications plan. Produce a plan that works for you as well as your customers. Be selective of how you want to communicate to your customers whilst ensuring you have enough resource to implement.


Canva. Learn how to use this fantastic online tool for in-house graphic design and social media.


Whether you are building a foundation for your new business or taking a step back with your current business to ensure you are on the right track, we will do a deep dive analysis of your industry, competitors and target market.

Personas. Develop personas of your customers to enable you to  be more targeted in your advertising channels and messages..

Taking insights from research we will work with you to develop a 6 month or 12 month strategic marketing plan with an integrated channel approach.

Advertising strategy. Don't just 'post and pray' on Social Media, ensure you have a brand consistent, well-planned tactical approach to all of your advertising.


​​New products, services or sub-brands require branding, all with a clear marketing strategy behind it to ensure consistency, particulary for the customer.


We bring the marketing and strategic knowledge to branding rather than it being all about the design.

Digital identity. Set up all of digital accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and  Google My Business so that they are brand consistent in style and message.


Want a simple but effective website you can manage yourself without paying for a developer? We can guide you through the processes required to build your own user-friendly website.


Website not getting noticed? we will guide you through a checklist to ensure you have a seamless customer journey as well as the relevant SEO and integrations to ensure you are maximising your web presence.


Google Analytics. Learn how to navigate your way around this great tool and maximise it's ability.

Google Ads. Are they the best option for your business, learn how they work and the importance of managing them so you don't loose money.

Social Media. How to use Facebook Business Manager and undertand the importance of audience type (quality over quantity).


our coaching packages




Coaching sessions would be held over the first 3 months, then follow-on services for the next 3 months so you can check in or ask for extra help.

  • 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions.

  • 3 x 1 hour follow-on marketing services and/or advice.




Coaching sessions would be held over the first 6 months, then follow-on services for the next 6 months so you can check in or ask for extra help.

  • 12 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions.

  • 6 x 1 hour follow-on marketing services and/or advice.

industry experience

Local, national and international experience in a wide-range of industries, because no matter what your business does the marketing priciples remain the same.