our story

"Strategy is figuring out what not to do." Steve Jobs

Pure Marketing is owned and operated in Wanaka by Tracey Gilmour.

Tracey has 20+ years of local, national and international experience in marketing, something that you can't learn online or at the University of Google.

Referred to as a ‘marketing generalist’ Tracey is an all-rounder when it comes to marketing. Fortunate enough to have worked for some local small businesses as well as large national and international companies, Tracey has had the opportunity to wear many different marketing hats – whether it’s a branding hat, communications hat or a campaign hat – there have been a lot of hats worn!

This gave Tracey the expertise for a holistic view to a business’s marketing needs.

With an interest in strategy and branding, particularly when it comes to understanding customers, she takes a KIS (keep it simple) approach to her marketing and applies the EAST principles (easy, attractive, social, timely).

Tracey’s interest in understanding customers comes from her degree from the University of Waikato where she majored in Psychology. After realising she wanted a more creative career, she went back to University and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business, specialising in Marketing from the University of Auckland.

Education and experience are the backbone of Tracey’s tacit knowledge that she passes on to clients in everything she does.

From the cold London winters to the hot Abu Dhabi summers, the traffic woes of Auckland to the wind of Wellington, Tracey and her family now call Wanaka home – where she enjoys living and working with local businesses.

Sometimes you may need to take a step back to ensure you’re not confusing your customers with too many messages in too many different channels.

what makes us different

Marketing as a skilled profession, the right qualified advice can make a huge difference to a business when it comes to branding and promotion.  When you get the foundations right, then you target the right customers, in the right way, using the right channels.

Education. Everything we do has education at it's core so you can understand the principles of marketing and how you can apply it to your business.


Strategy. We take a customer-focused, multi-channel approach to marketing. By taking your business back a step we can then work with you on strategies and tactics to improve or move your business forward.

Project management.  This is key for consistency and ensuring various disciplines have the right fit for your brand. We work with local freelancers who are specialists in their industry, such as graphic designers and copywriters. Much like building a house, you would not ask your interior designer to do your engineering plan, so why use a social media consultant for marketing advice or SEO?